Shared Suite Leasing (for Part time Professionals)

For part-time professionals, sharing a suite makes being on your own more affordable.
    Semi-Private Room at Escapes Salon Suites, Hudson WI
  1. Semi-private suites are available for shared leasing.
  2. The weekly rent is $300 and can be shared by up to two stylists.
  3. Each stylist receives all the same benefits of Escape Salon Suites: access to business coaching, training, supplier discounts, link and bio on website, key, and nameplate.
  4. The suite sharers determine between them who works when – Escape Salon Suites does not determine this.
  5. The suite sharers determine how they will split the weekly rental, and Escape will draft weekly rent accordingly.
  6. Both stylists sign the lease.


Seeing part-time stylists in Hudson, Wisconsin -- Join our team today!
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Hudson, WI 54016
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